Skip Cronin (Elite Form)

What began as a project for Nebraska football has been built into a sports science company with an athlete (and people) centered approach. EliteForm is a velocity based training sport science company that believes the more well-quantified information you can have on any given performance, the better choices you can make in terms of the next step in your progression. By making existing science better, actionable and more applicable, EliteForm prides itself on contributing to the betterment of the overall athlete experience.

You can find them at eliteform.com or on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Episode sponsored by Sorinex and EliteForm.

Skip Cronin is the CEO of tech company, EliteForm. I first met Skip many years back when I was the Associate AD for Athletic Performance at Mizzou. As a staff we had been experimenting with Velocity Based Training (VBT) back as far as 2003. Early on Skip wanted to assist us in any capacity we were able to collaborate. Skip Cronin is a people person which is what drew me to forming a partnership with him and EliteForm. I am excited to continue our journey together as we go beyond sets and reps.

EliteForm was created with the idea of leveraging patented 3D-camera technology to enhance athlete training and performance. We collaborate with coaches to provide the tools that bring velocity, power, and work metrics into the weight room, fostering a competitive and informed training environment for every weight room.

EliteForm believes in providing the best tools for managing strength & conditioning programs. By providing the latest in velocity based training protocols, cutting-edge feature enhancements, and superior reporting analytics, EliteForm Integrated is the best tool to give programs the next competitive edge.

EliteForm believes their clients are part of their family. EliteForm is committed to working closely with coaches to provide science-backed tracking, unmatched support, and relevant resources to enhance their program and meet their goals.


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