Your Consulting Roadmap


JULY, 2021

Sometimes we know where we want to go but don’t quite know how to get there. We might not remember the road we’ve taken before or we might not have ever been to this destination before. Sometimes we even have the right roads just in the wrong order in our mind or we just take a wrong turn. 

Either way, it helps having a map or GPS as a guide for the best path to reach the destination. And that best path is important in saving time and resources, but by getting to our destination faster, we can then help others more effectively. 

If you’re feeling a little directionless, Pat Ivey Performance Consulting can help you with the road map you need to reach your destination. With over 50 years of experience in the Athletic Performance field and our combined background in mental conditioning, program design, sport philosophy, and training teams, Pat Ivey Performance can be your guide to reach the big picture goals you have for yourself and your team.

Our six months of working together begins with an assessment that measures motivational style as well as behavioral style and helps you create your what, why, and how.  By creating your self-awareness with this assessment, you can fast track peak performance in whatever your role or endeavor may be. This assessment is very detailed and thorough and will give you the opportunity to align what you do best with how you do it and why. 

The next step is to go through the Mental Conditioning & Leadership course and learn how it applies to your situation and the athletes you work with. Once the course is completed and material reviewed, we’ll spend the next nine weeks diving deeper into the 13 lessons from the course, discussing each lesson and learning how they can apply to your situation. There is a weekly 30 minute zoom or phone call to discuss the lessons and answer any questions you may have about implementing the courses with your athletes or how you can use them with yourself as well. 

Once that step is complete, we’ll spend the next eight weeks covering the Foundations of Sport Performance. This will consist of learning how to set up a training program for the athletes that you work with and how that progression will look based on the clients and athletes needs and time frame involved. This will be done by spending 30 minutes each week going over the information with you. 

Next on the schedule is to spend the next four weeks working through The Table Workbook to make sure there is an understanding of how to use that with your athletes. These meetings will be 45-60 minutes, bi-weekly. Each meeting will cover a section from the workbook (Choices, Character Development, Money and Wealth, Living Life). 

There are also opportunities for you to have your Pat Ivey Performance consultant spend time with your staff to help your team be on the same page with the programs mentioned above. 

Whatever your needs or your team’s needs at Pat Ivey Performance we have the programs as well as consulting opportunities that can help you reach your goals and to take you and your athletes to the next level. And to GET YOUR CHILI HOT!!

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