Providing the Mental Edge, Part VI


April, 2019

The last focus-driven topic in this series is confidence, aka self-confidence, belief, trust, positive mindset, etc. Whichever word fits you best. Confidence is pre-knowing you will deliver and that you will succeed.

It’s typically a feeling or perception most athletes would prefer as opposed to having doubt, worry, anxiety, or fear. If given the choice in the heat of the game, you should always choose confidence!


Doubt, worry, anxiety and fear are all thinking wrong; confidence, self-confidence, believe, and trust are thinking right. Assuming you’re beginning to get the idea, confidence is a choice!

Well … when broken down it’s actually two choices. The first of those choices is choosing to become more competent. Competence builds confidence. Bring your best focus to practice every day and get better every day. The second choice is to choose to be focused and confident about your performance. Specifically, focus confidence on your performance, not the outcome.

To have the best chance for your team to get the win you want, develop greater competence and you’ll feel more confident which will help you deliver your very best performance (McGuire). Make these two choices and choose confidence!



1. McGuire, R.T. (1999) “Confidence is a Choice”, Track and Field Coaches Review, Vol. 72, Issue 1.


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