Authentic Consulting Certified


May, 2021

After a high profile Division 1 Head Strength Coach reached out to me asking for guidance and mentorship for them and their staff, I knew I had to seek guidance for myself. I asked myself, “how can I use my experience and training, plus my network to continue passing the baton and helping others and future generations?”

Which is how I landed on this most recent endeavor and accomplishment I’ve had in the works: I am now certified through Leadership Coach Paul Garrett to be Authentic Consulting Certified. This is yet another tool I will be able to use to help people, and even for me, this is a next level kind of help. By going through this process, I have been able to develop my own personal mission statement:

“I am an analytical leader who likes to win by leading others in a unique way to a victory”

This training allows me to better understand how to help people by using a questionnaire to assess different types of behaviors and how they relate to their motivators and what natural talents they possess. This information helps me quickly identify and assess how people behave, communicate and think within an organization.

With this tool I’m even better equipped to help people discover and develop their inner greatness! As a Coach, my job is to help people go from where they are to where they are trying to go. Sometimes that place is somewhere beyond where we think possible, or is even completely outside our awareness. The best coaches I have ever been in the presence of always either inspired, affirmed, developed, challenged, etc., my teammates and myself to be the best versions of myself.

One of my former athletes made one of the most profound suggestions to the coaching staff. His name was Kip Edwards and he was one of the best leaders I’ve ever been around. While he was a college student, he took an assessment in class. He learned about himself and what his strengths and blind spots were. Kip was able to use this information to add to his leadership toolbox.

Being the thoughtful person Kip was he thought if his teammates know themselves better, it might help them be better leaders. We used the summer to help each player further develop their leadership skills. At the end of that year, we found ourselves being Conference Divisional Champions and playing in the SEC Conference Championship game. I’m not saying we were good because of the assessment process, but I do believe in investing in each individual to strengthen the whole. After all, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link

If you think I might be able to help you or your organization, please reach out at performance@pativey.com.

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