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Guest Highlight: Andrew Paul

Guest Highlight: Andrew Paul 19 NOVEMBER, 2019 Andrew Paul is from St. Louis, MO. Most of his family all live very close to each other. It doesn’t take long to figure out how important being from St. Louis and Family is to Andrew. He is a person who is very grounded...

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Writing A Book

Writing A Book 12 NOVEMBER, 2019 Before getting started writing a book, I think it takes two things: motivation and passion. I say motivation first because obviously, you have to want to do it. There needs to be an intrinsic motivation to share your experiences and...

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Guest Highlight: Dave Roberson

Guest Highlight: Dave Roberson5NOVEMBER, 2019Dave Roberson is the Director of Player Development and the Director of Recruiting at Arkansas State University. Somehow he balances two very difficult jobs and manages to make it look easy. I’m sure if you asked him how he...

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PT Resources

Physical Therapy Resources29OCTOBER, 2019Assuming you’re an avid listener of the Beyond Sets & Reps podcast, you know that I had my guest, Brett Hayes, leave us all hanging with the promise of a blog post for some physical therapy resources. While there’s no way Brett...

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