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Hunting Season – Part 3

Hunting Season - Part 3 21 JANUARY, 2020 If you’re just catching up, check out part I and part II of the Hunting Season series before reading on. When stepping into a new situation the first priority is to evaluate the situation.  Identify any problems and come up...

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Guest Highlight: Matt Banker

Guest Highlight: Matt Banker14JANUARY, 2020I first met Matt Banker in the locker room when I was a Collegiate football player at the University of Missouri. Matt was a walk-on kicker also known as a Specialist. He had a short career before moving on to complete his...

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Hunting Season – part 2

Hunting Season - Part 224 DECEMBER, 2019 If you missed part I of Hunting Season, find it here. The role of the strength coach and staff has taken on such an impactful role in the sport of football and the compensation at the larger schools has shown the importance put...

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Guest Highlight: Derek Lege

Guest Highlight: Derek Lege 31 DECEMBER, 2019 I was first introduced to Coach Derek Lege through and Antwan Floyd who was a former assistant Strength Coach. We were looking to hire a graduate assistant in the weight room and Derek’s background as a former student...

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