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Guest Highlight: Kate O’Bryan

Guest Highlight: Kate O'Bryan 2 JUNE, 2020 Kate O’Bryan is from Louisville, KY and went to Mercer Academy. She attended the University Louisville and was on the inaugural rowing team. She’s currently the Director of Mental Health for Louisville Athletics. She is a...

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What Is R2RR

Research 2 reps roundtable 26 MAY, 2020 Many times I found myself in situations or meetings where I needed more information to help others understand experiences of athletes. Having been a Division I collegiate athlete, professional athlete, and Athletic Performance...

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Guest Highlight: Rachel Balkovec

Guest Highlight: Rachel Balkovec 19 MAY, 2020 I first met Coach Rachel Balkovec at Sorinex’s Summer Strong, an annual event for strength and conditioning training professionals. After the event, Coach Kax Kazadi at SMU recommended I get her on the Beyond Sets and Reps...

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The Return of Our Athletes

Returning Athletes 12 MAY, 2020 There are many conversations going on and many details to consider with getting our students and athletes back to campus or in facilities. None of us have gone through anything like the COVID-19 pandemic before so we are finding there...

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