ABCs of Performance


MARCH, 2022

A friend of mine, Paul, recently shared this with me and (with his permission) it was so good I knew I wanted to share it with you. The same team that received this message ended up winning the junior high city championship.

Now, I’m not saying they won because of these ABCs, but I am saying that developing the mental conditioning and leadership skills of even young athletes are impactful. The earlier athletes can begin developing the mental skills that help performance in sport, the better. Not only does it apply in sport, but it absolutely carries over into other areas of life.

There’s not a doubt in my mind that these junior high city championship athletes will remember these ABCs – and use them! – countless times throughout their lives. Just like other skills, mental performance is a series of skills that can be developed, practiced, and improved. The following is what he shared with me.

The Big Game
The better we play, the more important each game becomes. It’s not that what happens in the game that becomes bigger, but how we see the game and how others see the importance of the game makes it a big game. So let’s talk about how we can perform well under these circumstances.

I think it is as easy as ABC. Attitude. Breathing. Choosing.

Attitude – Always believe in ourselves and our teammates. Trust that everyone will play their best and every coach will coach their best. Always work hard and give your best effort.

Breathing – Before the game, during the game, and after the game- breathe. Good plays, bad plays, ugly plays – breathe. In through your nose out through your mouth. Take deep breaths before the game and during the game. Close your eyes when you get a chance and also when you do the deep breathing. Tell yourself you’re ready while you’re breathing.

Choose – Choose greatness. Choose to be focused. Choose to block out distractions. Choose to be positive with yourself and your teammates. Choose to be a great leader. Choose great performance!

It’s as easy as ABC!

If you need a place to start teaching mental conditioning and leadership skills to your athletes, start with the ABCs. And if you’re ready to advance beyond the ABCs, my self-paced Mental Conditioning and Leadership course is a great next step!

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