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Upon returning back to school over a decade ago to pursue my doctorate in sports psychology I became familiar with Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP). I have either attended, presented, or referenced the AASP. AASP is the association supporting mental performance and mental health in sports. Their organization strives to ensure every performer has the resources to strengthen their inner edge through the advancement and application of excellence in.

AASP offers a certificate called the Certified Mental Performance Consultants® (CMPC) for licensed mental health professionals, educators, and researchers. AASP believes when they research, train, and serve performers’ complete mental needs, they elevate their ability to perform and thrive.

AASP supports people at every age and level across the performance spectrum. I pulled the following information directly from their website so you can see exactly why I respect this organization and why I value their existence. They offer support in the following domains.

From youth to elite athletes, when their well-being thrives they flourish on and off the field. Because achieving peak performance is more than reaching peak fitness.

For people of all ages, engaging in regular exercise is a key component of health and overall well-being. Adopting an active lifestyle can help to boost confidence, create opportunities to meet fitness goals, and promote fun and enjoyment through physical activity.

Whether serving in the military or as a firefighter or police officer, these individuals live incredibly demanding lives. Building mental resilience strengthens the ability to perform and thrive in highly stressful situations.

For business professionals, the boardroom is their stage. Every important call, meeting, and presentation demands well-trained cognitive skills like confidence, focus, and motivation.

For performing artists to reach their peak potential, they require more than physical training and rehearsing. They need mental strength to overcome performance plateaus and manage anxiety.

AASP offers the following resource Publications:

  • Journal of Applied Sport Psychology
  • Journal of Sport Psychology in Action
  • Case Studies in Sport and Exercise Psychology
  • Journal for Advancing Sport Psychology in Research
  • Essential Guide for Mental Performance Consultants
  • Directory of Graduate Programs in Applied Sport Psychology
  • Newsletter

If you are interested in learning more about the mental side of the game I would suggest looking into AASP. I will let you in on another secret. I have a goal of becoming a Certified Mental Performance Coach (CMPC) through AASP. Shhhhh…Don’t tell anybody!

As a special gift to you for being a loyal reader, here’s the PDF of my presentation from this year’s AASP conference on integrating student athlete health and performance within the athletic department.

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