A Year of Reflection



As I reflect on the year 2020, it brings up a myriad of thoughts and emotions. But before I allow myself to get too deep into reflection, I first think about the perspective I want to choose (because ultimately it IS within my power). I know I can either choose a negative or a positive perspective after everything that’s happened, and no one would blame me (or you) for having a negative outlook on 2020. 

2020 has been the most trying year for this era, not only in the U.S. but across the world. As a world wide community, many of us were forced to work from home, and while there was definitely an adjustment period, it was something I came to appreciate. Understanding I was in the minority in that I was able to work from home (as in, my job allowed and I was able to do all my job functions), and also that my job wasn’t one of the millions cut due to the pandemic, it’s become a no brainer that I’m choosing a positive outlook as I reflect on all that was in 2020.

So I’m not going to rehash all the negatives we’re all too aware of, and instead, since I have used and heard the term “self-care” more recently than ever before, I am going to reflect on all the opportunities 2020 gave me for growth and execution. 

There are many projects I was able to complete: 

  • I released my book called “The Table” written for students, athletes, coaches, teachers, counselors, and parents
  • I completed the accompanying Workbook for The Table which will be available in 2021
  • I started a second Podcast with Javair Gillett and Ted Lambrinides called Research 2 Reps Roundtable
  • EliteForm joined Pat Ivey Performance as a sponsor for the Beyond Sets and Reps and the Research to Reps Roundtable podcasts
  • Sorinex adopted both podcast on their Be Legendary platform
  • I recorded and released my online course in Mental Conditioning 
  • I became an Instructor for the Gladiator Sports network and released a virtual course on Human Optimization
  • I was named a Gatorade Performance Partner
  • I began the initial steps to form a Non-profit to help underserved communities
  • My online class in Foundations of Sports Performance was upgraded from an elective to a required course in the Positive Coaching and Leadership Master’s degree at Mizzou
  • I completed an Online Teaching Certification seminar 

Professionally, I was provided some of the greatest challenges I thought I would face. The CoronaVirus, budgetary constraints, furloughs, salary cuts, social issues, just to name a few. My communication and organization were tested daily, but fortunately, I work with some of the best professionals ever in my career. 

For 2021, I don’t see myself slowing down professionally. I have a few speaking engagements already lined up and I’ve started working on a course outline for an online class in Coaching and Advanced Sports Performance. We’ll start promoting the Workbook for The Table and hopefully we can pick up another sponsor for the Podcast (hint, hint!). If anybody is interested or can make a connection, I’m all ears. We’re also exploring the idea of having apparel available for the Pat Ivey Performance brand, so stay tuned! 

Personally, I will have a graduating senior looking to finalize her choice of college and a junior in high school. Maybe we’ll be able to go on vacation once travel conditions are improved, I know I’ve missed taking family trips to awesome places. Those memories will become even more precious as my girls leave for college.

The one thing I’m sure of is that whatever 2021 brings will be the result of the seeds planted this year so I look forward to remaining positive and motivated to be the best version of myself every day. I’m not perfect but I’m working to be great and deliver my best. Feel free to write me and let me know what you are working on to have a great 2021!

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