Pat Ivey

mental performance

With a Ph.D. in Sport Psychology Pat has served as a mental performance coach to hundreds of athletes. He specializes in training his athletes and clients to develop an optimal mindset for optimal performance. Pat’s Mental Conditioning series transports positive mindsets from classroom to playing field.
Dr. Pat Ivey

physical performance

Through over 20 years as a Collegiate Strength & Conditioning coach Pat has helped tens of thousands of athletes reach their performance potential using his expertise, research, and experience. He is a CSCCa Master Strength Coach and the 2013 AFCA Strength & Conditioning Coordinator of the Year. 

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life performance

Pat is a devoted husband, father of two girls, son, and brother who stays engaged in the ever evolving strength and conditioning profession. His unique experiences in and out of the weight room make him a source of wisdom for aspiring strength coaches and anyone who’s trying to live their best life.
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Beyond Sets & Reps

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

“If you are the CEO, the President, the Chief, the Judge, the HR VP, the Chairperson, or the aspiring young professional or parent … whatever – if pursuing and achieving High Performance Excellence, that is Human Performance Excellence, matters to you, both your performance or the performance of the group you lead – you absolutely want to learn more about Dr. Pat Ivey.”
Dr. Rick McGuire

Founder & CEO, Positive Coaching, LLC

“If you want to know more about training Elite level athletes and what it takes to operate on the highest level, then you need to know Coach Ivey.”
Byron Chamberlain

Former Tight End, National Football League

“[Dr. Ivey] is an excellent Leader of Men. He is dependable, loyal, extremely hard working while perfecting his craft.”
Jeff Madden

Strength & Conditioning Coach

“Dr. Pat Ivey is the coach every player loves, the mentor every parent hopes for, and the leader every head coach or administrator needs. He exemplifies the possibilities that exist when we maximize the power of the mind, body and spirit.”

Dr. Ty-Ron Douglas

Associate Athletic Director for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging, University of California, Berkeley

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